Good Shepherd Ministry, Wolverhampton

Our main form of assistance is food. On three days each week (Tuesday, Friday and Sunday) between 12pm and 1pm we distribute food parcels for individuals to take away.

The distribution takes place from the car park off Darlington Street. No referrals are needed but, on the first visit, we ask to see a document (eg an official letter) showing the name of each person receiving help. The type and quantity of food offered depends on what we have available, but normally includes sandwiches or tinned food.

Family food parcels are provided on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 11:45am and 1pm.

On the other four days of the week (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday) between 1pm and 2pm we provide a hot, wholesome meal in the church dining room, entry is via the church car park.

Originally the meal was simply a bowl of soup (we were a ‘soup kitchen’) but now it is normally a full three-course meal. All are welcome.

We also help people by providing sleeping bags, toiletries and emergency items as needed. We can make referals to other agencies on behalf of our clients and regularly invite agencies into our dining room.

Although the particular mission of our charity is to provide immediate (short-term) assistance, we encourage our service users to seek long-term help where appropriate. For example, we provide information about other helping agencies in the city.

Service User Volunteer Programme.

We offer a small number of individuals a chance to volunteer within our charity environment. This gives them the structure, routine and stability which is needed to improve their well being and outlook on life. Whilst they are with us we can work through various issues which need addressing to get their lives back on track. This has had very positive results over the last eighteen months so feel our next step is to begin engaging individuals into society and all it has to offer.

Let’s Engage - a new project for individuals on our service volunteer programme.

Our research shows that by exploring new avenues we can inspire clients to have a new approach to deal with anger, anxiety, depression and mental health issues. By introducing new activities, it will give a new release, passion or way to express themselves. We aim to give opportunities in art, writing, English, sports activities, theatre, drama and life skills. It’s important to excite and offer positive change which in time will show them a better quality of life.

Working in partnership with the night shelter and other local charities we can reach out and take those we work with on a journey rebuilding them showing compassion, love and a non-judgemental approach. When we have got these individuals to a point we aim to get them job ready, so they can move on and rebuild their lives.

  • Working in the kitchen
  • Fishing trip
  • Learning decorating skills
  • Enjoying the food they have made
  • Table tennis