Daily Food Services

Thanks to deliveries from our partners and regular food donations from the community, all of the food we provide is of the highest quality and is always in-date. Apart from this, we also run a harvest and Christmas campaign, which brings in large amounts of food that we redistribute to our service users.

We serve hot meals three days a week, hot take out meals twice a week and support families and individuals with food parcels once a week.

We work with a range of food partners, supermarkets and wholesalers to tackle hunger and food waste and feed between 90-130 people a day. Our team also work closely with food banks and other providers in the city to share excess food, making sure it gets to those that need it.

Breakfast Club (Rough Sleepers)Food Parcels (families)Hot Takeout MealDining
Advice and Guidance Drop In
Monday8:00 – 10am12:00 – 2pm12:00 – 2pm
Tuesday8:00 – 10am10:30 – 11:30am12:00 – 2pm12:00 – 2pm
Wednesday8:00 – 10am12:00 – 2pm12:00 – 2pm
Thursday8:00 – 10am12:00 – 2pm12:00 – 2pm
Friday8:00 – 10am12:00 – 2pm
Saturday8:00 – 10am

Alongside the food service we run an advice and guidance drop in and bring i a wide range of agencies into the centre. People can access support onsite and be signposted and referred to partner agencies across the city.

Harvest Campaign For 2020

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